• senior pastor

    Dr. M Larry Kalb


    The one we call “Pastor” is Dr. M. Larry Kalb (M.A. Th.M. Ph.D.). He has been with us a long time (since 1982). He is committed to what is called “expository” preaching. In other words, rather than give us his ideas on stuff, he wants to communicate God’s ideas which have been given to us in the Bible. Even though we love Larry, we would rather know what God says and we are glad that he is dedicated to leading us in this way.

  • youth pastor

    jay vonesh - baileyyouth2@msn.com

    Some people “just have a knack” for working with kids. Jay Vonesh is one of those people. He knows the unique balance between helping kids have a good time and leading them toward surrender to God. One day they will rock somewhere in the world to share the love of Christ. No wonder we have loved him for the last 18 years.

  • elder board

    elder chairman - Steve Christie

    Steve Christie - smchr2@hotmail.com

    Michael Fletcher - michaelfletcher1973@gmail.com

    Robbie Ford - robbieford66@gmail.com

    Andy Glaspey - andyglaspey@yahoo.com

    Cliff McCalister - jcmccalister66@gmail.com

    As Elders of Platte Canyon Community Church our goal is to serve our community primarily by providing teaching and prayer in accordance with the inspired Word of God - the Bible. This may be done in stable structured environments such as worship services, classroom settings, or small groups, or may be accomplished through individual discipleship, counseling and simply being available. We strive to be sensitive to the needs of the Body in regards to teaching and prayer. In all matters we work at building one another up in faith by focusing on the Grace of God with an attitude of Love.

  • deacon board

    deacon chairman - Brian Johnson

    Greg Davis

    Emily Fose

    Lois Hancock

    Brian Johnson

    Dylan Myerson

    Tom Savage

    John Stark

    More than number crunchers, they are dedicated to serving people in the name of Christ. They look after the financial matters and physical property of the church as well as helping those in need here in our mountain community. They know that people who give funds to the church are really giving offerings to God and these men/women are committed to using these funds in a way pleasing to Christ.

  • church secretary - Annette Schmoker pcccsecretary@qwestoffice.net


    She is the face of PCCC to anyone who drops in or calls our church office.