Attendees: Cliff, Steve, Andy, Michael, Robbie, Dylan


    I.     Last Meetings Minutes

         Motioned by Michael to accept minutes

         Second by Andy

         Motioned carried


    II.    Setting Standard Meeting

         1st Tuesday of each month 6 pm Elder Meetings

         Need to get keys for church & conference room – Andy to get for us


    III.   Sunday School Class for Women

         Lead by Mary Lou

         Andy Motion that we approve the Sunday School Class lead by Mary Lou with approval of curriculum. 

         Discussion to have all the leaders come together to have all leaders to come together and report on what they are doing and how they are doing it.

         Cliff Second

         Three yes and one no – motion carries.


    IV.  Elders Sunday School Class

         We are ok that we have disbanded it


    V.    Elder Training Class

         Idea of training up of Elders

         Identify future elders

         Disciple them by Elders

         Michael we start the Elder Training Class and do it.

    o     Andy Seconds the motions and adds that we only have one mentor

    o     All are in favor motion carries

    o     Dylan is leading the class and will create lesson plans

    o     John Stark; TJ Parnel; Brian Johnson; Daniel Hulsey; Daniel Laird and Dylan Myerson


    VI.  Steve Proposal

         Proposal to create a transition team

    o             Get back to Steve with what we think of the proposal

    o             Get back to Steve with the Pastor Job Description

         Also proposed instructions for the Search Committee


    VII. Motion to nominate Dylan to the Elder board – by Michael

         No second so the motion failed

         We said we would rather wait at this point and get the work accomplished with the Pastor Search etc.



    Time: 15:30

    Conclusion: 17:15

    Attendees: Cliff, Andy, Michael, Steve

    Prayer – A Congregational Prayer – Robbie Suggested

    -We prayed for wisdom

    - Request from Robbie to have a business meeting of prayer & fasting

    - Steve suggested Saturday before meeting to have prayer time

    - Night of the 21  at 6 pm   -  also in the bulletin fasting from   Michael will be putting                  together


    Pulpit Control

    • -          Motion to control pulpit – Andy
    • -          Second by Michael
    • -          Motion Passed
    • -          We need to make sure that Annette knows to contact Steve


    Accepting of the Pastor’s Resignation

    • -          Motion by Andy that we accept Larry’s resignation
    • -          Second by Cliffe
    • -          Motioned Carried

    Sunday School Class for Women

    • -          A request has been made to have a Sunday class for women


    Search Committee

    • -          What are the criteria that we will lay down for a Pastor – Michael


    Leadership Education for Elders

    • -          Kick off on the 25th

    Interim Pastor

    • -          Question is do we have Interim Pastor
    • -          Let’s have Marc come into in on the 5th to preach and also meet with when he comes in.
  • elders meeting minutes - february 18, 2021

    Start Time: 7:06 p.m.

    Conclusion: 8:45 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Andy, Cliff, Steve, Sean, Robbie, Jay Vonesh, Jerry Sears

    Prayer & prayer requests


    2/4/21 meeting minutes approved


    Youth Ministry Update – Jay


           Knife knight was a great success. There will be ongoing leather work with Ken and Kellye Runnals from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

           Homeless bags have been completed – this was a fun and significant event spearheaded mainly by Janae V.

           Sunday school class is meeting again – Genesis & Revelation

           Monday Zoom is ongoing

           Wed in-person meetings continue – help needed for small groups

           March 14th movie night with Crow Hill Bible Church

           Need for new van – interior is deteriorating


    Deacons – Brian


           Elevator proposal en route from Brian to the elders for review

           Security meeting a few weeks ago – John Stark in the process of putting recommendation together and will be leading our security team development

           Kurt Bohne has submitted a proposal on replacing projectors at a reasonable cost. This is on the back burner for now.


    Missions – Jerry


           General update


    Youth Pastor Job Description Approval – Jay


           Motion made by Cliff and seconded by Pastor Larry to accept the revised Youth Pastor job description and store it in the manual.


    Elder’s Class

           Sean to teach Feb 28 and Mar 7 – Sean Chap 2 & 3 of Ephesians

           Robbie to teach the remainder of the Ephesians study

           Cliff presented a possible ministry calendar reflecting elder teaching and ministry.


    Pending Business


           Elevator Proposal

           Ministry outreach

           Missions funding criteria


    Other Business

           Next Meeting – March 18th @ 6:00 p.m.


    Closing Prayer

  • elders meeting minutes - february 4, 2021

    Start Time: 6:53 p.m.

    Conclusion: 8:41 p.m.

    Present: Larry, Andy, Cliff, Steve, Sean, Robbie, Jay

    Prayer & prayer requests


    1/14/21 meeting minutes approved


    Youth Ministry Update – Jay


           Update on Monday Zoom meeting, Wed. in-person youth meetings

           Jay is leading a project making care kits for the homeless

           Puerto Rico trip rescheduled for late June, tentatively

           Wellington Lake intro to adventure race event – Jay plans to solicit PCCC participation


    Online Services – Andy


           Andy to pursue next steps for going live with streaming services. Motion made by Sean and seconded by Andy to pursue temporary live streaming of our services during the COVID-19 season.


    Moving to one service


           Motion made by Sean and seconded by Cliff to move to one service beginning Feb 28.


    Deacons Decision to redirect Funding to Life Bridge- Steve


           Elders request the deacons to make a formal recommendation to the elders regarding transitioning away of funds from the Interfaith Food Pantry to Life Bridge, including a rationale.


    Compassion Sunday April 25 – Larry


           Motion made (Sean) and approved (Larry) to support Dylan Myerson in conducting a Bible study under Pastor Larry and Robbie’s leadership.


    Elder’s classes moving forward – Robbie & Cliff

           Robbie to kick off Ephesians class on 2/7

           Robbie to tap other elders as needed to help teach

           Cliff to draft a calendar for elders’ classes based upon the focus areas elders have been praying about


    Pending Business


                - Elevator Proposal

                - Ministry outreach

                - Missions funding criteria


    Other Business


                - Elders & Deacons prayer and mealtime 2/16 @ 6 p.m.


    Next meeting – 2/18 @ 6p.m.


    Closing Prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - January 12, 2021

    Start Time: 6:00 p.m.

    Conclusion: 9:30 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Andy, Cliff, Steve, Sean, Robbie Ford, Emily Fose

    Prayer & prayer requests


    12/17 meeting minutes approved


    Status of elevator project - Emily


           Motion made (Sean) and seconded (Brian) that the diaconate establish a committee to organize and establish a protocol for the use and management of the PCCC library.

           Emily requests that a congregational meeting be called to propose raising $75,000 for the elevator project. Diaconate will submit a written proposal.


    Online Services – Andy


           Motion made (Sean) and seconded (Andy) that the elders pray about whether to proceed with streaming online services.

    Hospitality Committee & Grief Share - Andy


           The committee expresses an interest in robust programming but doesn’t feel like they do much considering COVID. Brian & diaconate to oversee making announcements in bulletin, screens, and email accordingly.

           Andy agrees to distribute Bibles to grief share.


    Dylan proposed Bible study – Larry


           Motion made (Sean) and approved (Larry) to support Dylan Myerson in conducting a Bible study under Pastor Larry and Robbie’s leadership.


    Elder’s class – Steve

           Meeting on the 21st at Steve’s house @ 6 p.m. to plan the topic and calendar for study.


    State of the Ministry – Larry


    Next meeting – TBD



  • elder meeting minutes - October 29, 2020

    Start Time: 6:00 p.m.

    Conclusion: 9:30 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Andy, Cliff, Steve, Sean, Brian J.,

    Prayer & prayer requests


    9/24 meeting minutes approved


    Church Usage 4H request


           Church usage request denied.


    Examination of Eldership  – Andy

           Discussion of what it would look like to be more biblical and prayerful as elders.

           Elders will email their philosophy of local church missions giving by November 5 after study of corresponding biblical texts.


    Elder prayer gathering – Cliff


           Cliff to coordinate a prayer and scripture reading time.

           Elders will meet for prayer, study, and a meal on Nov 5 at 6 p.m.


    Elder’s Sunday School Class – Sean


           Sean to circulate the teachers’ schedule to the elders showing where the elders can be plugged in.


    Budget – Brian


           Prelim budget presented

           Elders to commit to forming philosophy of missions giving

           Elders to attend Nov 30 diaconate meeting


    Next meeting – Monday, Nov. 30, @ 6 p.m. (elders to attend diaconate meeting)

    Closing Prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - september 17, 2020

    Start Time: 6:00 p.m.

    Conclusion: 9:30 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Andy, Cliff, Steve, Sean, Brian J., Jerry S., Sharon F., Dylan M.

    Prayer & prayer requests


    8/30 meeting minutes approved


    Brian – Diaconate report


           Diaconate is soliciting bids on replacing the back steps and corresponding structures and installing a wheelchair ramp.


    Sharon & Jerry – missions committee

           Discussion of the criteria and guidelines for committee giving and membership.


    Dylan Myerson – Bible study proposal


           Dylan interest in leading a bible study exploring a canonical hermeneutical approach to the Bible

           Elders to discuss further


    Prayer for Larry Kalb


           The elders anointed and prayed for Larry’s health and healing.


    Sunday School schedule change & children’s church


           Motion made and approved to create the position of part-time Children’s Ministry Director position at a salary of $700/mo.


    Sunday School schedule change & children’s church


           The Children’s Ministry Director will undertake an assessment week of 9/21 and ongoing towards making a recommendation to the elders as to the nature and scope of children’s church and Sunday school programming to commence 10/4.

           On 10/4, service times will shift from 8:30 service/9 a.m. Sunday school/10 a.m. service to 8:30 service/9:30 a.m. Sunday school/10:30 a.m. service.

           The elder’s “Celebration of Discipline Study” will commence 10/4 at 9:30 p.m.



    Next meeting – Thursday, Sept. 24th, 6 p.m.


    Closing Prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - July 27, 2020

    Start Time: 7:00 p.m.

    Conclusion: 9:50 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Andy, Cliff, Steve, Sean, Brian J.

    Prayer & prayer requests

    Approval of minutes of 6/30/2020 meeting


    Brian – Deacon report

           Budget-wise our position is still good all things considered. Expenses are down.

           We received another $1,000 to the benevolent fund that is available for distribution.

           The proposed elevator project is on indefinite “hold.”


    CBS study

           Resuming of the CBS study is approved to start in September. Attendees will be required to sanitize and wear masks and socially distance as appropriate.


    Worship Services


           Motion made and approved to continue with two services, now to require no sign ups, while still observing all social distancing, masks, and sanitation guidelines.


    Resuming of Church ministries


           Motion made and approved to open the church to all ministries moving forward with the following caveats: Attendees will be required to sanitize and wear masks and social distance as appropriate. The same protocols will apply to all ministries (e.g., MOPS) meeting together in the future. Specific guidelines for specific room capacities will be provided on an ad hoc basis to ministries as needed.



           Motion made and approved to allow C4 home school group to use the church on Fridays pending final evaluation of their insurance documentation and other pertinent documentation by the chair of the diaconate.


    Next meeting

           August 31 at 7 p.m.

  • elder meeting minutes - june 30, 2020

    Start Time: 7:00 p.m.

    Conclusion: 8:30 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Andy, Cliff, Steve, Sean, Lois H., Daniel L., Brian J.

    Prayer & prayer requests

    Approval of minutes of 6/2/2020 meeting


    Brian – Deacon report


           Budget is looking “OK” – we’re only down 12K

           The diaconate has $ available in the deacon fund available to bless families in need. The diaconate is soliciting the names of families in need.


    Daniel Laird

           Interest in ministry involvement. Elders to evaluate his request to be involved in the life of the church in a ministerial capacity.


    Current Worship Services


           “No” to Canyon Kids being held at 8:30 a.m.

           Continue with 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. services as is with kids doing their coloring books in services.


    Adult Christian Ed classes

           Begin scheduling the next season of Christian education to start on Sept 13.

    Other business


           Cliff & Sean to move forward with engineering a PCCC kids’ day at Idrahaje this summer

           Next meeting July 21st.


    Closing Prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - may 25, 2020

    Start: 7:00 pm

    Conclusion: 8:20 pm

    Present: Pastor Larry, Andy, Cliff, Gray, Steve, Sean


    Prayer & Prayer Requests

    Approval of minutes from 4/5/2020 meeting


    Worship Services

    Motion approved to begin holding services of 50 people, commensurate with social distancing guidelines, beginning June 7 and pending feedback from Steve Christie's discussions with county authorities.


    Other business

    The Missions Committee is in the process of responding to the Elders' recommendations regarding the requirements governing committee members' ability to vote on financial decisions. Next meeting Monday, June 1

    Closing prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - April 5, 2020

    Start Time: 8:30 a.m.

    Conclusion: 2:20 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Andy, Cliff, Gray, Steve, Sean, Brian

    Prayer & prayer requests


    Approval of minutes of 3/15/2020 meeting


    Business updates




           Exploring a Zoom or similar web cast for children’s ministry during the time corona restrictions are in place.


    Brian – Deacon’s report


           New church-wide internet system: we’ve located and are moving ahead with installing found a new cloud-based system for about $1,000. Kurt Bohne is the tech lead and install tech.

           Giving – our giving is still holding steady even in light of the circumstances.


           Elevator project – postponed.




           Small group Bible Study – Cliff, Dillon (Cliff will work to include Dillon at the next applicable meeting)

           Cliff taking the lead in planning a possible April 26 church event.




    Pastor Larry


           Communion administration during Larry’s absence – Pastor Larry gave guidelines as to the protocol informing the distribution of communion.



    Pending business


           Reidentification and evaluation of PCCC ministries

           Elder led Community focus on Prayer – Andy



    Other business – next meeting TBD; Elders’ meeting 4/12 8:30 a.m. for prayer via Skype.


    Closing Prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - march 15, 2020

    In attendance: Brian, Steve, Lyn, Larry, Andy, Cliff, Sean




    Meeting minutes approved



    Security (Brian, Cliff)
    • Motion made and approved that security team members be can be armed if desire, but if armed, that they would undergo training and provide certification of that training, and logged hours, via Sheriff McGraw’s training course (or other qualified instructor.)
    • Motion made and approved to explore establishing disabled parking outside the three rear doors.
    • Motion made for the diaconate to suspend the pursuit of the elevator project and pursue ADA compliance for our bathrooms church wide.
    Offering Counting (Lyn)
    • Motion made and accepted to adopt Lyn’s edited money-counting revised procedures.
    • In light of Corona concerns, elders prayer retreat has been rescheduled to April 4.
    Small Group Bible Study
    • Cliff and the elders will be meeting with an interested small group bible study teacher (one of our church members) at the next available opportunity.
    Elders and communion
    • Next meeting Larry will do a teaching for the elders on communion.
    Elder-led community focus on prayer
    • Cliff’s first prayer seminar was encouraging and well-attended.
    • Elders will publish a prayer need in the bulletin on select Sundays and lead a prayer accordingly during the service.
    Missions Committee
    • Motion made that the missions committee develop a criterion for evaluating ministries and that the composition of the group be limited to members of the church.
    Church use request
    • Motion approved to allow the Senior Citizen’s Group of Park County to use the church facilities as long as they be done by 1 p.m.
    • Motion approved to allow the firehouse Bible study to be held at PCCC.
    Elder Led Bible Study
    • Plan is to begin advertising March 29 Celebration of Discipline to the church body
    • Steve will lead us off and then through the 5th then Cliff, Andy, Sean will take it from there.
    • Sean to get text to Annette to begin advertising to the church.


    Tabled until next meeting:

    • Evaluation of PCCC ministries.


    Next meeting is April 5

  • elder meeting minutes - February 16, 2020

    Present: Pastor Larry, Sean, Andy, Cliff, Gray, Steve


    Update on Member Needs




    Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

    • 2.2.20  meeting minutes approved


    Deacons – Security – Brian, Cliff

    • Cliff submitted a brief position statement discussing some of the biblical principles informing armed security.
    • Elders commit to continuing to consider armed security.

    • Brian not in attendance.

    Retreat - Steve, Andy

    • Motion approved for an elders’ retreat on March 21st 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    Policies and Procedures manual – Steve

    • Annette to make a file folder to house the approved funeral and wedding procedures.

    • Emily still working on job descriptions.


    Elementary Christian Ed – Gray, Andy

    • Gray and Andy are still formulating the elementary Christian education piece

    • Gray is (1) in the process of scheduling an informational meeting for people that want to work in children’s meeting with (2) an aspect of that meeting being the training of volunteer. Gray is in the process of scheduling a catechism class.

    • Andy is developing and scheduling a four-week elementary Christian education class for both parents/children built upon Bev Ahl’s foundational four Bible verses for 2020-2021


    Elder Led Community Focus on Prayer – Andy

    • Tabled until after Cliff’s community focus on prayer event on 2/23


    Pending Business

    • Reidentification and evaluation of PCCC ministries – this will be put on the meeting agenda for the next meeting. Sean to re-circulate the ministry name spreadsheet this week.

    • Christian education – Steve/Sean/Cliff have proposed a possible next study series for consideration.

    • Steve submitted a vision casting document for the elders to consider and discuss before finalizing any adult Christian education next steps.


    Other Business

    • Next meeting is March 15 @ 11:30 a.m.


    Closing Prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - february 2, 2020

    Present: Pastor Larry, Gray, Cliff, Steve, Andy presided


    Update of Member needs



    • 1/19/2020 meeting minutes approved


    • Deacons – waiting on elder board direction regarding the arming of security team members. Cliff will make recommendations and lead discussion at the next meeting.
    • Christian Ed. – Deacons will be asked to coordinate background checks for leaders and teachers for child care.
    • Dr. Wise’ offer to teach the elders class for 6 weeks beginning June 6 on the Jewishness of Jesus was accepted and approved.

    Retreat  Andy and Steve will discuss the format and logistics of a possible retreat for the elders and be prepared to discuss options at the next meeting.


    Fellowship Opportunities There seems to be a need for organizing fellowship opportunities. Cliff will explore starting a new compass group.


    Position papers were approved on

    • Handling and deposit of collections
    • Conduct of funeral services
    • Conduct of weddings

    Bibles  A motion was passed to authorize the purchase of 25 to 50 NASV Bibles to be distributed as appropriate within ministries of PCCC.


    Elders Class Possible options of material to teach upon the conclusion of the study of Knowing God was discussed. No decisions were made.


    Closing prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - January 5, 2020

    Present: Pastor Larry, Emily, Andrea & Katie, Steve, Sean, Andy

    Update on Member Needs


    Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

    • 12.15.19 meeting minutes approved




    Grief Share – Katie Davis

    • The ministry is going well with 10 members who are unusually open and forthcoming with sharing their experiences. Members are experiencing healing and closure.
    • None of the attendees are members of PCCC, and some come from as far away as Evergreen. This is a good ministry outreach to the local community.
    • This session began on Dec 6 and will conclude mid-March 2020.
    Policies and Procedures Manual – Steve, Emily
    • Emily presented the first principles of a policy to govern the counting of weekly church offerings to better align PCCC with best practices.

    • Based upon feedback at this meeting, Emily will now draft those principles and present them to the elder board for review at the next earliest opportunity.


    Elder Leadership

    • Nomination made and approved for Steve to continue as elder chair
    • Nomination made and approved for Andy to serve as elder vice-chair
    • Nomination made and approved for Sean to serve as elder secretary. 

    Elementary Christian Ed. – tabled until the next meeting.

    Elder Led Community Focus on Prayer

    • Andy is close to finishing a statement guiding how the elders will solicit and publish requests for prayer with a focus on the life of the church as a whole.

    Shepherding Ministry – Steve, Larry

    • Elders discussed what the shepherding component of elders’ ministry in 2020 would look like to include Steve’s proposal regarding a shepherding ministry coordinator/elder for pastoral care.

    • Elders present agreed to pray on the nature of what shepherding looks like in 2020.


    Pending Business

              Reidentification and evaluation of PCCC ministries

              Position papers

                       Church usage statement – Steve to check on Peter’s progress

                       Counting money – (covered under the Emily’s report above)

                       Funerals and weddings – Larry to distribute existent materials on these                                topics for review.


    Other Business

    • Next meetings are January 19 and Feb 2 @ 11:30 a.m.


    Closing Prayer