• elder meeting minutes - may 25, 2020

    Start: 7:00 pm

    Conclusion: 8:20 pm

    Present: Pastor Larry, Andy, Cliff, Gray, Steve, Sean


    Prayer & Prayer Requests

    Approval of minutes from 4/5/2020 meeting


    Worship Services

    Motion approved to begin holding services of 50 people, commensurate with social distancing guidelines, beginning June 7 and pending feedback from Steve Christie's discussions with county authorities.


    Other business

    The Missions Committee is in the process of responding to the Elders' recommendations regarding the requirements governing committee members' ability to vote on financial decisions. Next meeting Monday, June 1

    Closing prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - April 5,2020

    Start Time: 8:30 a.m.

    Conclusion: 2:20 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Andy, Cliff, Gray, Steve, Sean, Brian

    Prayer & prayer requests


    Approval of minutes of 3/15/2020 meeting


    Business updates




           Exploring a Zoom or similar web cast for children’s ministry during the time corona restrictions are in place.


    Brian – Deacon’s report


           New church-wide internet system: we’ve located and are moving ahead with installing found a new cloud-based system for about $1,000. Kurt Bohne is the tech lead and install tech.

           Giving – our giving is still holding steady even in light of the circumstances.


           Elevator project – postponed.




           Small group Bible Study – Cliff, Dillon (Cliff will work to include Dillon at the next applicable meeting)

           Cliff taking the lead in planning a possible April 26 church event.




    Pastor Larry


           Communion administration during Larry’s absence – Pastor Larry gave guidelines as to the protocol informing the distribution of communion.



    Pending business


           Reidentification and evaluation of PCCC ministries

           Elder led Community focus on Prayer – Andy



    Other business – next meeting TBD; Elders’ meeting 4/12 8:30 a.m. for prayer via Skype.


    Closing Prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - march 15, 2020

    In attendance: Brian, Steve, Lyn, Larry, Andy, Cliff, Sean




    Meeting minutes approved



    Security (Brian, Cliff)
    • Motion made and approved that security team members be can be armed if desire, but if armed, that they would undergo training and provide certification of that training, and logged hours, via Sheriff McGraw’s training course (or other qualified instructor.)
    • Motion made and approved to explore establishing disabled parking outside the three rear doors.
    • Motion made for the diaconate to suspend the pursuit of the elevator project and pursue ADA compliance for our bathrooms church wide.
    Offering Counting (Lyn)
    • Motion made and accepted to adopt Lyn’s edited money-counting revised procedures.
    • In light of Corona concerns, elders prayer retreat has been rescheduled to April 4.
    Small Group Bible Study
    • Cliff and the elders will be meeting with an interested small group bible study teacher (one of our church members) at the next available opportunity.
    Elders and communion
    • Next meeting Larry will do a teaching for the elders on communion.
    Elder-led community focus on prayer
    • Cliff’s first prayer seminar was encouraging and well-attended.
    • Elders will publish a prayer need in the bulletin on select Sundays and lead a prayer accordingly during the service.
    Missions Committee
    • Motion made that the missions committee develop a criterion for evaluating ministries and that the composition of the group be limited to members of the church.
    Church use request
    • Motion approved to allow the Senior Citizen’s Group of Park County to use the church facilities as long as they be done by 1 p.m.
    • Motion approved to allow the firehouse Bible study to be held at PCCC.
    Elder Led Bible Study
    • Plan is to begin advertising March 29 Celebration of Discipline to the church body
    • Steve will lead us off and then through the 5th then Cliff, Andy, Sean will take it from there.
    • Sean to get text to Annette to begin advertising to the church.


    Tabled until next meeting:

    • Evaluation of PCCC ministries.


    Next meeting is April 5

  • elder meeting minutes - February 16, 20202

    Present: Pastor Larry, Sean, Andy, Cliff, Gray, Steve


    Update on Member Needs




    Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

    • 2.2.20  meeting minutes approved


    Deacons – Security – Brian, Cliff

    • Cliff submitted a brief position statement discussing some of the biblical principles informing armed security.
    • Elders commit to continuing to consider armed security.

    • Brian not in attendance.

    Retreat - Steve, Andy

    • Motion approved for an elders’ retreat on March 21st 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    Policies and Procedures manual – Steve

    • Annette to make a file folder to house the approved funeral and wedding procedures.

    • Emily still working on job descriptions.


    Elementary Christian Ed – Gray, Andy

    • Gray and Andy are still formulating the elementary Christian education piece

    • Gray is (1) in the process of scheduling an informational meeting for people that want to work in children’s meeting with (2) an aspect of that meeting being the training of volunteer. Gray is in the process of scheduling a catechism class.

    • Andy is developing and scheduling a four-week elementary Christian education class for both parents/children built upon Bev Ahl’s foundational four Bible verses for 2020-2021


    Elder Led Community Focus on Prayer – Andy

    • Tabled until after Cliff’s community focus on prayer event on 2/23


    Pending Business

    • Reidentification and evaluation of PCCC ministries – this will be put on the meeting agenda for the next meeting. Sean to re-circulate the ministry name spreadsheet this week.

    • Christian education – Steve/Sean/Cliff have proposed a possible next study series for consideration.

    • Steve submitted a vision casting document for the elders to consider and discuss before finalizing any adult Christian education next steps.


    Other Business

    • Next meeting is March 15 @ 11:30 a.m.


    Closing Prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - february 2, 2020

    Present: Pastor Larry, Gray, Cliff, Steve, Andy presided


    Update of Member needs



    • 1/19/2020 meeting minutes approved


    • Deacons – waiting on elder board direction regarding the arming of security team members. Cliff will make recommendations and lead discussion at the next meeting.
    • Christian Ed. – Deacons will be asked to coordinate background checks for leaders and teachers for child care.
    • Dr. Wise’ offer to teach the elders class for 6 weeks beginning June 6 on the Jewishness of Jesus was accepted and approved.

    Retreat  Andy and Steve will discuss the format and logistics of a possible retreat for the elders and be prepared to discuss options at the next meeting.


    Fellowship Opportunities There seems to be a need for organizing fellowship opportunities. Cliff will explore starting a new compass group.


    Position papers were approved on

    • Handling and deposit of collections
    • Conduct of funeral services
    • Conduct of weddings

    Bibles  A motion was passed to authorize the purchase of 25 to 50 NASV Bibles to be distributed as appropriate within ministries of PCCC.


    Elders Class Possible options of material to teach upon the conclusion of the study of Knowing God was discussed. No decisions were made.


    Closing prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - January 5, 2020

    Present: Pastor Larry, Emily, Andrea & Katie, Steve, Sean, Andy

    Update on Member Needs


    Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

    • 12.15.19 meeting minutes approved




    Grief Share – Katie Davis

    • The ministry is going well with 10 members who are unusually open and forthcoming with sharing their experiences. Members are experiencing healing and closure.
    • None of the attendees are members of PCCC, and some come from as far away as Evergreen. This is a good ministry outreach to the local community.
    • This session began on Dec 6 and will conclude mid-March 2020.
    Policies and Procedures Manual – Steve, Emily
    • Emily presented the first principles of a policy to govern the counting of weekly church offerings to better align PCCC with best practices.

    • Based upon feedback at this meeting, Emily will now draft those principles and present them to the elder board for review at the next earliest opportunity.


    Elder Leadership

    • Nomination made and approved for Steve to continue as elder chair
    • Nomination made and approved for Andy to serve as elder vice-chair
    • Nomination made and approved for Sean to serve as elder secretary. 

    Elementary Christian Ed. – tabled until the next meeting.

    Elder Led Community Focus on Prayer

    • Andy is close to finishing a statement guiding how the elders will solicit and publish requests for prayer with a focus on the life of the church as a whole.

    Shepherding Ministry – Steve, Larry

    • Elders discussed what the shepherding component of elders’ ministry in 2020 would look like to include Steve’s proposal regarding a shepherding ministry coordinator/elder for pastoral care.

    • Elders present agreed to pray on the nature of what shepherding looks like in 2020.


    Pending Business

              Reidentification and evaluation of PCCC ministries

              Position papers

                       Church usage statement – Steve to check on Peter’s progress

                       Counting money – (covered under the Emily’s report above)

                       Funerals and weddings – Larry to distribute existent materials on these                                topics for review.


    Other Business

    • Next meetings are January 19 and Feb 2 @ 11:30 a.m.


    Closing Prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - December 15, 2019

    Present: Pastor Larry, Steve, Sean, Andy, Peter, Cliff, Lyn

    Update on Member Needs


    Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

    • 11.17.19 meeting minutes approved.




                PCCC Computer Software and Usage – Lyn Merkle

    • Lyn introduced PCCC current software platforms and opportunities to further maximize the use of our software: our website (Cloversites.com), payment processor (vancopayments.com), Servant Keeper (three modules: Contributions, Membership and Administration), and Quickbooks.


    Elder Focus Looking Forward – Larry, Cliff McCallister

    • Cliff has a vision for the power of prayer and the joy and excitement that should attend prayer.
    • He envisions prayer workshops of the type he has recently attended and led that encourage us to embrace prayer as a lifestyle, not a burden.
    • He would see this vision as a part of his ministry should he be voted on as an elder.
    • Motion made and approved to recommend Cliff for a congregational vote as an elder.

    Diaconate – Eric Earnest

    • Motion passed to appoint Brian Johnson as the chair of the diaconate to replace Eric Earnest as of the New Year.


    Elementary Christian Ed. – Gray, Andy

    • Andy and Gray are putting together a proposal for vote at a forthcoming elders’ meeting regarding a structure for Christian education geared towards elementary school-aged children. 

    Elder Led Community Focus on Prayer - Andy

    • This aspect is evolving and Andy will be partnering with Gray and Cliff towards a prayer initiative to include potential experiential gatherings towards encouraging the congregation to be in prayer.

    Other Business

    • Next elders meeting is January 5, 2020 @ 11:30 a.m.


    Closing Prayer

  • elder meeting minutes - November 17, 2019

    Present: Pastor Larry, Steve, Sean, Andy, Gray, Peter, Emily Fose, Steve Farson




    • 11.3.19 meeting minutes approved.



    • Steven and Emily presented an overview of the revised 55-page policy manual.
    • This is an organic document that can be amended by the elders as needed to help steward the church.
    • Elders will convey comments, suggested edits, etc., to Emily and Steve towards finalization.
    • Motion made and approved to develop position papers in 2020 as needed on select topics to help inform and govern elder leadership, e.g., position papers on use of legalized drugs, same-sex marriage, LQBTQ, etc.  
    • Motion includes a commitment for each elder to present a list of topics by the next 2019 elders meeting and includes Sean as the default drafter of these positions to be ultimately approved by the elders.



    • Peter has conveyed to Steve Farson thoughts regarding proposed revisions to the policy manual regarding facilities usage.



    • Andy will be collaborating with Gray and the Children's Ministry Leadership Group as it relates to Children's Ministry towards the development of an action plan/timeline for Christian education during the Sunday school hour inclusive of elementary school aged children to be rolled out in Spring 2020.
    • Andy will present this plan at the next elders meeting.



    • Elders will continue to strategize a coordinated prayer effort inclusive of 1) directions for prayer published in the weekly bulletin coupled with 2) a moment of elder-led prayer during the Sunday service.


    • As concerns the elders’ expressed desire to formulate governing principles for how and where PCCC gives missions monies, Steve C. has located an existent philosophy of missions in circulation amongst the mission board.
    • That philosophy has been distributed amongst the elders for suggested edits, revision, etc.


    • Next elders meeting is Dec 15 @ 11:30 a.m.


  • elder meeting minutes - November 3, 2019

    Start Time: 11:30 a.m.

    Conclusion: 3:45 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Steve, Sean, Andy, Gray, Peter, Katie Davis, Jerry Sears, Sharon Flanigan



    Katie Davis re. Grief Share ministry

    • Katie is interested in re-instituting the Grief Share ministry.
    • Her desire is to start in the winter of 2019.
    • Motion approved for Katie to be the leader and coordinate of Grief Share at PCCC.    


    • 10.13.10 meeting minutes approved.


    • Sharon and Jerry presented on current missionary funding.
    • The door is open for future and ongoing communication between the missions committee and the elders.
    • Motion approved for an elder to exercise oversight and support of the missions committee moving forward.
    • Motion approved for missions budget increase of $2,000 for 2020.
    • Motion approved that the elder with oversight over the missions committee will lead the elders in  articulating a philosophy of missions allocation, for elder final approval and presentation to the missions committee, that would incorporate the Christian doctrines informing the philosophy of missions allocation and reflect the giving priorities of the congregation at large. 





    • Motion made and approved for the elders to pass the churchwide budget prepared by the diaconate now reflecting the $2,000 missionary support increase for 2020.


    • Motion approved for church use request by the Glaspey family for Thanksgiving Day 2019 from 12 pm. to 9 p.m. for a church and community holiday meal and fellowship.
    • Motion approved for church use request for the Anderson family for use of the church for New Year’s Eve church and community fellowship.
    • Motion made to suspend allowing new outside community groups to use the church until the elders can formulate and approve an internal rationale governing church usage policy decisions.
    • Motion made to begin formulating the church usage policy via email the week of November 4.




    • Steve F. & Emily Fose have finished editing the policy manual.
    • Steve Christie will circulate this manual among the elders for review, edits, and final approval.




    • Motion approved to extend the use of PCCC, where feasible, to Crow Hill while Crow Hill addresses the collapse of their new building.



    • Next elders meeting Nov 17th at 11:30 a.m.
    • Next church-wide business meeting (after the Nov 10 church-wide business meeting) Nov 24th at 11:30 a.m.

  • elder meeting minutes - October 13, 2019

    Start time: 11:35 a.m

    Conclusion: 1:35 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Sean, Andy, Gray, Jay, Peter



    • Gray led a foot-washing ceremony. Gray – we need to understand each other’s story and learn about each other towards more Christ-like service, humility, intimacy, and vulnerability.




    Budget -

    • Tabled until Steve is present and we can discuss with Jay & Larry not present.


    Peter & Gray updates -

    •  Interest in resuscitating in the leadership classes potentially after the conclusion of the Knowing God study
    • Interest in scheduling a newcomer reception
    • Interest in scheduling new members classes
    • Gray to meet with Annette toward including prayer requests in the bulletin: a) from elders, b) for elder, c) for children’s’ ministries


    Continuing ministry evaluations –

    • Men’s ministry - Andy
    • Andy continue to search for co-leaders in men’s ministry from among the congregation and is praying about it.
    • Andy will have more focused conversations with disparate elements of men’s ministry already going on in an effort to better support existing men’s ministries.
    • Motion made and approved for the formation of men’s ministry leadership committee to include Shelby Edwards, Greg Davis, Jeremiah Demuth, Mit Parsons, Robbie Ford, Tom Ahl, and Jerry Sears. (Names to be redacted when minutes are published.) Andy to pursue.


    Celebrate Recovery - Andy

    • It’s more than just a substance abuse situation
    • Can include financial irresponsibility, over eating/disorders, etc.
    • Stigma of there’s something wrong with those people.
    • If we pursued this, we’d need strong leadership (leadership has to be trained by CR)
    • …and we’d need ministry buy-in (both PCCC and other churches)
    • We’d need to be prepared to develop community outreach
    • Closest CR is ~25 miles away in Lakewood
    • AA – Closest is Conifer
    • Andy to investigate further as we proceed prayerfully


    Research Job Descriptions and Performance Evaluations for Larry, Jay, Annette


    For next meeting we need to have reviewed present job descriptions and advise if there are any needed edits.

    Larry to distribute the job descriptions prior to the next meeting for review.

    Ongoing discussions needed – we should add to the agenda for the next meeting.


    Other Business

    • Elders to have a ministry booth presence at the Oct 27 church fair.
    • Gray expressed interest in a retreat for elders. 


    • Next Elders meeting Nov 3 at 11:30 a.m.

  • elder meeting minutes - September 22, 2019

    Start time: 11:35 a.m

    Conclusion: 2:55 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Sean, Steve, Andy, Gray, Eric Earnest, Jay




    • 9.1.19 minutes were approved


    Communications – Peter

    • PCCC advertised its fall ’19 programs and services in the Flume
    • This week’s Flume has a MOPS article Dianne wrote.
    • We will be updating our church’s precis as needed

    Budget  – Eric Earnest

    • New church structure leaves “nuts and bolts” budget prep to deacons and final responsibility to elders.
    • Plan is to have a budget ready for elder discuss early Oct; elder vote by end of Oct
    • Eric presented an overview of the church’s revenues and expenses and balance sheet to date along with a summary of capital projects completed and those scheduled.
    • Motion approved re. Elder’s support of the diaconate going to the congregation to discuss and ask for funding for a proposed elevator project.
    • Eric will build a draft budget week of 9/22/19 and distribute to elders.
    • At the Nov. planned annual meeting, the nominating committee will present candidates to the congregation.

    Visioning 2020 – Steve

    • Andy requests continued prayer leading Men’s ministry – seeking direction and avenues of ministry.
    • Elder chair request elders’ continued prayer and thought on what we would like to see in the way of transformative ministry in 2020.

    Nominating committee

    • No updates at this time.

    Church use approval

    • As per new constitution, Elder board is responsible for approving use of church for non-church purposes.
    • Request for baby shower from church member to be held on Dec. 7.
    • Motion made, seconded, and approved in favor.

    Other Business

    • Gray to begin submitting prayer requests from the elders to the congregation asking the congregation to be praying for select needs.

    Closing Prayer


    • Next Elders meeting Oct 13 @ 11:30 a.m.

  • elder meeting minutes - September 1, 2019

    Start time: 2:48 p.m.

    Conclusion: 4:30 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Sean, Steve, Andy, Gray




    • 8.11.19 minutes approved with correction re. Heather East “2020” (vs. “2019”) ministry readiness.


    Worship – Pastor Larry

    • True worship in spirit and truth should always be a point we pursue and reflect on.
    • Foci should include teaching, the breaking of bread, and prayer.
    • We should avoid two extremes in our meetings: Friends/Quakers vs. highly structured. 

    Children’s ministries – Gray

    • Gray is looking seriously at busing kids in – we can fix the van we have and get one or two more used vans if needed. This would draw families and get more kids involved.
    • Re. the children’s ministry leadership group: Heather East bowed out.

    Nominating committee – Steve

    • One deacon candidate has agreed to serve.
    • Ongoing work identifying deacons and elders.
    • As per constitution, we need more people on the nominating committee.



    Budgeting processSteve

    • Under new documentation, elders have responsibility for budget.
    • Deacons will prepare budget based on input from elders and submit for approval to elders by Oct 1.
    • Elders will take an active position in the formulation of the budget
    • Goal is to get to a zero-based budget process.


     Closing Prayer


    • Next Elders meeting Sept 22 @ 11:30 a.m

  • Elder Meeting Minutes - August 11

    Start time: 11:30 a.m.

    Conclusion: 2:45 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Sean, Steve, Andy, Gray, Jay, Peter




    • 7.17.19 minutes were approved.


    Youth Ministry – Jay

    • Jay is “ready to go” for Fall ministry
    • Jay and Pat Bramblett are looking into starting a Sunday school class for middle and high school kids
    • Jay is considering forming a climbing team
    • Recommendation made to begin exploring replacing the youth group van 

    Canyon Kids/ Cornerstone Kids update – Gray

    • Gray recently conducted children’s ministry meetings with Bev Ahl & Heather East regarding a children’s leadership group
    • Met with Sharon Flanigan regarding precepts for kids
    • Met with Betsey related to childcare
    • Gray will meet with Cliff McCallister week of 8/14 re. involvement in children’s ministry
    • 8/25 is the schedule meeting for Canyon Kids workers co-led with Bev Ahl
    • Cliff M., Heather East, and Amy Grace Edwards tentatively comprise the children’s leadership group
    • Several projects afoot/in development include:
    • bus/wrap advertisements
    • prayer warriors
    • volunteer training program
    • communication (ideas for how and where to communicate children’s ministry happenings church-wide)
    • whole family ministries
    • classroom management training – would like PCCC to purchase some training guides for children’s ministry

    • Explore children’s involvement in our services  - we should have kids involved in the services where advisable, e.g., helping collect offering, prayer time, etc.

    • VBS – Heather East is already ready for summer 2020.

    Policy and procedures manual – Steve

    • Work by Steve F. and Emily F. is still in in progress. No deadline on it.
    • Biggest area in need of edits are the job descriptions

    Christian Education next steps,  Knowing God – Sean

    • The course to begin Sept 8 has been and will continue to be advertised
    • Sean to buy books through PCCC’s account when it’s time
    • Sean to design a survey instrument for assessment at the end of the class to determine course continuation, i.e., continuing beyond the first six chapters of Knowing God

    Nominating Committee – Steve

    • Committee met and has two proposed deacon and elder candidates
    • Members from the committee are in the process of personal conversations with candidates to encourage their, and our, prayerful discernment of God’s call


    Pulpit Supply

    • The elders are moving forward with identifying individuals to assist with preaching on a rotating basis, e.g., every 5th Sunday

    Integrated communications

    • Need for integrated communication in general to make sure church developments, events, etc., are communicated well
    • Peter to work with select individuals in the church to assess and gather recommendations on maximizing communication platforms, e.g., social media, church website


     Closing Prayer


    • Next Elders meeting Sept 1 @ 12:30 p.m.

  • Elder meeting minutes - july 17

    Start time: 7:30 a.m.

    Conclusion: 9:00 a.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Sean, Steve, Andy




    • 6.27.19 minutes were approved.


    Security team update – Steve

    • John Stark has agreed to provide training for the PCCC security team starting this fall.

    Policies and Procedures Manual update – Steve

    • Steve F. and Emily F. have done a second draft of the manual and have identified continued areas to modify to align the document with PCCC’s constitution and by-laws. They’ll be reaching out to select individuals for input accordingly. Once ready, they’ll present it to a sub-group of elders for sign-off.

    Canyon Kids/Children’s Education – Gray

    • Update from Gray tabled given his absence


    Christian Education – Sean

    • Given the areas of interest identified in the survey, the elders will offer three classes this fall covering the following topical areas: personal growth in the faith; apologetics; evangelism.
    • Next steps: Sean to work with Annette to begin circulating sign-up sheets which will allow the elders to receive commitments from members to attend, in turn confirming the need for each class, needed materials, who will teach, etc.

    Budget Prep – Steve

    • We need to explore and determine what elder spiritual leadership in the church budgeting process looks like under the new elder-led church model.

    Nominating committee - Steve

    • Nominating committee will reconvene week of 7/15 to start developing a list of names to fill church leadership positions that will become open January 1.

    Computer resources – Steve

    • Lyn M. would like to present a run-down of PCCC’s technological resource to the elders. Steve working to have him present at an elders’ meeting in the future.


    • Next Elders meeting August 11h @ 11:30 a.m.

  • elder meeting minutes - june 27

    Start time: 7:30 a.m.

    Conclusion: 9:00 a.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Sean, Steve, Andy, Peter, Gray





    • 6.2.19 minutes were approved.


    Canyon Kids – Gray

    • Matthew 18:1-6 – key guiding scripture.  Gray wants to meet more with Bev A., Heather E., & Diane K and make an announcement re; looking for committed people to work with Gray to set up a children’s ministry leadership team. Gray to meet with leadership between now and July 17.

    Policy Manual - Steve

    • Steve F. and Emily F. are working on policy manual revisions. They will outline the items they’ll cover in the policy manual and will bring their outline to the elder board for sign-off before finalizing edits.  Topic for revision may include: job descriptions (Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, new Christian Education job description, etc.) facilities usage, by-laws, etc.

    Christian Education – Sean

    • Recap of survey results and next-steps.
    • Elders decided to make July 14th a post-service Christian ed and brainstorming session instead of strictly an “ask the elders” update
    • An elder eventually have to be assigned to help administer enhanced Christian ed programing.

    Nominating committee - Steve

    • We need to reconvene the nominating committee to identify vacant deacon and elder positions that will be coming available on January 1.
    • We need to formally designate someone as a treasurer and finance committee chairman.
    • Steve will advance this discussion with Lyn M. 


    • A motion to accept the following new members was made and accepted

                       Eric Casey

                       Russ & Janelle Rutledge

                       Steve & Katie Spodyak

                       Shelby & Amy Grace Edwards

                       Wendy Woodland

                       Susan Yetterberg

                       Earl and Sonya Harris

                      John and Molly Stark


    • Next Elders meeting July 17th @ 7:00 a.m.

  • elder meeting minutes - June 2

    Start time: 11:30 a.m.

    Conclusion: 1:10 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Sean, Steve, Andy, Peter, Gray





    • Motion accepted to (1) allow a meeting with the pastor accompanied by an elder to constitute the initiation of the application for membership requirement as detailed in the PCCC Church Constitution and (2) to allow the sharing of the prospective member’s testimony and verbal assent to the Statement of Faith to satisfy the Statement of Faith requirement detailed in the same.


         Elder Ministry Oversight Reports

    • MOPS: Steve has gathered a prelim. assessment of this ministry. He plans to meet with the four leaders of this ministry at his house in the fall, when the ministry picks back up, to discuss in earnest.
    • Prayer Shawl: this ministry is no longer an active ministry
    • Music & AV: Sean has had informal conversations with Melody H., coordinator, and gathers the music ministry is healthy. Sean desires to schedule a meeting/dinner for members of this ministry in preparation for fall 2019/spring 2020 ministry. Sean will continue to assess AV ministry needs but gathers that the ministry is healthy at this time.
    • Men’s Ministries: Andy announces there will be quarterly men’s breakfasts, the first on Saturday, June 8, at 7 a.m.
    • Children’s Ministries: Gray reports that Sunday children’s ministries are growing and healthy. He’s touched base with Bev Ahl but needs to touch base with Heather East as well. We as a church body need to solicit support more volunteers for this ministry as it continues to expand.



    • The Christian Education survey has 46 electronic responses (out of an electronic recipient list of approximately 190) at the time of the meeting. It does not appear that any hard copy surveys have been turned in at this time. Next steps:
    • Send an email reminder week of 6/3 and announce in church on 6/9.
    • Close out the survey 6/12.
    • Email a report to the congregation via inclusion in the weekly church e-announcement and make available hard copy week of 6/17.
    • Meet with existing Christian education teachers and other interested parties in earnest as early in the summer as possible towards evaluating and implementing the survey’s results to enhance Christian education starting in fall 2019.

    • Church security team: Steve to speak with the Eric, Deacon chair, to assess our church security team.
    • Check to make sure there are signs on the doors indicating that the doors are locked and indicating what their next steps should be.


    • Next Elders meeting June 27th, 7 a.m

  • elder meeting minutes - may 19

    Start time: 11:30 a.m; 

    Conclusion: 2:10 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Sean, Steve, Andy, Peter, Gray, Jay, Mit Parsons



    • Motion accepted to approve 5.12.19 meeting minutes
    • Motion approved to reschedule the congregational Elder Update meeting to July 14th.
    • Motion approved that Gray Anderson & Jerry Sear’s summer mission trip to Montana be officially acknowledged and supported by PCCC in the form of prayer and recognition.


    • n/a


    • Presentation by Mit Parsons on PCCC in its cultural, social, and spiritual contexts with questions and suggestions for development.
    • Christian education survey approved for loading into software and dissemination to the congregation in electronic and hard copy format.
    • Elders to begin reporting on ministry assessments at June 2 meeting.
    • Tabled until next meeting due to time constraints:
    • Policy manual edits

  • elder meeting minutes - may 12, 2019

    Start time: 11:30 a.m.

    Conclusion: 1:15 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Sean, Steve, Andy, Peter




    • 4.14.19 minutes were amended and were approved.


    • n/a


    • Continued the project of assigning elder oversight to PCCC ministries.
    • Assigned the project of contacting ministry leaders, learning about the state of the ministry, and gathering recommendations in preparation to present an update on the ministry at the 5/19/19 meeting.
    • Discussion of edits to the electronic congregational survey which elders will shortly send re. Christian education.
    • Discussion of evangelism and community outreach.
    • Identification and discussion of needed work on a) the policy manual and b) position papers.


    • Next Elders meeting May 19th.

  • elder meeting minutes - April 14, 2019

    Start time: 11:40 a.m.

    Conclusion:  2:00 p.m.

    Present: Pastor Larry, Gray, Sean, Steve, Andy


    • 3.31.19 minutes were approved.


    • n/a


    • Motion approved to include a link to the minutes in the church weekly email approved. Sean to work directly with Annette in providing her with approved minutes.
    • Motion approved to send out survey ASAP soliciting the congregation’s thoughts re. enhanced Christian education.
    • National Day of Prayer in Bailey, CO – motion approved to move April’s third Tuesday evening prayer meeting to the first Thursday in May to align with the National Day of Prayer, May 2.



    • Decided to open our meetings with prayer, put prayer first, and be prayer centered
    • Four new families:  Josh and Amber McQueen - Christie, Mark Ray - Christie, Devin (and Trent) Posey – Christie, Russ and Jenelle Rutledge from Oklahoma – Christie, Jason and Dee-Anne Norman – Christie, Elaina Hubbell & Travis Badding – Kirnan
    • Bailey day June 22 – pancake breakfast. Communicate to Mission Board that we support whatever level of involvement they desire (perhaps a booth?) recognizing they are responsible for executing their involvement. Andy to reach out to Sharon Flanigan.
    • Mit Parsons has asked for a meeting with the elders – put on the agenda on May 19th
    • Shepherding assignments updated with categories and will be emailed out to elders so that elders can review the list and figure out what ministries elders are most comfortable exercising oversight over.
    • “Ask the Elder” question time - include in the first quarterly elder update as an agenda item



    • Next Elders meeting May 5th.